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¡Adios, America!:
The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole 

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter says, "America's suicidal immigration policies are the single biggest threat facing the nation." In ¡Adios, America!, the bestselling author sheds light on the plight of an America that is allowing people to flood over the borders. She says the demise of the nation and the safety of its citizens are at stake.

Citing facts and figures that include 86 pages of footnotes, Coulter traces the debacle that has occurred since passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, which was the start of favoring Third World immigrants, instead of the "best" immigrants. Once arriving in the U.S., "75% of immigrant families from Mexico are on government assistance." Are these really the best newcomers available?

When the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 granted amnesty, which was to be followed by control of illegal immigration, the control aspect never materialized. Some reasons unchecked immigration from Third World countries is being allowed are: Democrats want an increased voter base; business interests desire cheap labor; elites want cheap household help; and certain activists have a desire to change America's ethnic makeup.

Even using the words "illegal immigrant" can result in citizens being called bigoted or racist. No one dares bring up crimes committed by legal or illegal immigrants. (Just ask Donald Trump.) The media is doing nothing to expose the negative consequences of bad immigration policy and the lack of law enforcement. Often the illegal status of criminal perpetrators is covered up.

It would be comforting to believe the crimes committed by illegal and legal immigrants that Coulter reports were untrue. But they are documented cases and lead to the question, why are we allowing so many bad people to come into and remain in America?

The government promotes the number of illegal aliens as being a static 11 million for the past decade, but some estimate the actual number to be as high as 30 million. Government agencies fail to tell us how many immigrants, legal and illegal, are incarcerated, although it would be easy to count them among the prison population.

Coulter demands "a total immigration moratorium." She says there is no "quick fix" and that the "entire immigration bureaucracy has to be shut down." There are some decent immigration laws on the books but that doesn't matter when they aren't enforced. Although Coulter believes a fence along the southern border would help, it apparently isn't going to become a reality.

(Regnery Publishing, 2015, 392 pp., $27.99)