Book Monitor

A Time for Truth:
Reigniting the Promise of America 

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz hears Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian Americans all saying the same thing: "Our elected officials aren't listening to us." Cruz is a Senator who can be trusted to challenge Democrats or Republicans when they discount the wishes of the voters.

Cruz doesn't get the best media coverage because most reporters and media moguls don't share his views. He stands on the conservative side of nearly every issue, including abortion, gun control, Obamacare, school choice, Common Core, adhering to the Constitution, and protecting U.S. sovereignty from the reaches of the UN.

Cruz has only been a Senator since 2012, but his previous experience is extensive. He was a clerk for Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist; he was the Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission; he served as the Solicitor General of Texas, supervising thousands of appeals and more than 700 attorneys. Cruz was also a member of the Bush reelection campaign team and was dispatched to Florida to oversee recounts.

In the Senate, Cruz is both outspoken and true to promises he made to his constituents. He says he "didn't go to Washington to join a club." For some conservatives, Cruz is the ideal candidate because he has a solid record on moral issues and is willing to fight against the Republican establishment. He is not afraid to point out Republicans' "complicity" with Democrats in Congress.

Some of the most interesting and disturbing parts of this book concern behind-the-scenes deal-making among Washington politicians.

Senator Cruz points out that median incomes in the suburbs surrounding D.C. are soaring, while incomes nationwide have stagnated. Lobbyists, legislators, and bureaucratic fat cats are thriving, while much of the nation suffers.

Cruz tries to do two things: to tell the truth and to follow through on what he promises voters. He has sponsored almost 100 bills in the Senate.

Powers says, "It's sad that it has to be explained to liberals that engaging with ideas or opinions they don't like is a critical and expected part of life in the public square."

The Cruz family story is fascinating. His Cuban father was almost fooled by Castro and escaped from the island just in time. He worked hard to become an American success story. His mother became a computer whiz at Shell Oil before most had even heard about that new invention.

This book will help voters get to know Ted Cruz. It is a look at a brave man who admits to making mistakes and to sometimes getting his "teeth kicked in," but who has gained experience along the way.

(Broadside/HarperCollins, 2015, 368 pp., $27.99)