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The Snapping of the American Mind:
Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture 

David Kupelian

WND ( Managing Editor David Kupelian sees firsthand the mess leftists are making of the nation. They've had their way with many laws and institutions, making some almost unrecognizable. Politicians with agendas join forces with the elite media that promulgates disinformation campaigns. Radical organizations direct narratives. All this has fueled popular opinion shifts on important issues; many have been convinced to accept policies that in years past they firmly rejected.

Although the nation has in many ways been "fundamentally transformed," Kupelian reminds us that not all Americans have been convinced by the constant, bullying harangue. He says we must remain hopeful and keep in mind that many still believe in traditional values. "Traditions," such as male/female marriage and getting married before having children, have lost traction among some, but not all.

Kupelian maps out things those who feel left behind by the "bizarro world" can do, both on a national level to bring back stability, and on a personal level to maintain their own equilibrium. He speaks to the "soldiers and veterans; the hardworking farmers, ranchers, business owners, and entrepreneurs; the grateful immigrants who came with nothing and achieved the American dream; the inventors and visionaries; and ... the millions of patriotic citizens who love their country, its history and its values, as well as the God who blessed them with it."

Even before last November's election of Donald Trump, Kupelian said our new president must do everything in his power to correct the present downward spiral. The author says the president must follow our Constitution; maintain the strongest military; abandon political correctness and Obamacare; dare to say no to "social revolutionaries"; stop "taxing, regulating, and litigating our businesses to death"; and shrink the federal government to a manageable size.

Kupelian says anger is not the answer. There is constructive recourse that can help individuals maintain clear minds and hopeful spirits. He suggests that we pay attention to our health by following good dietary guidelines, getting exercise, and allotting time for spiritual growth. We must reject the "corrupting, lying, sex-drenched popular culture" and mindless activities that now preoccupy some Americans. Instead, focus on volunteering, socializing, and enjoying family life. He says to stay armed and prepared to protect our families. He suggests removing children from government schools.

Kupelian lauds the existence of non-traditional media. Talk radio and internet sources allow Americans to find authentic information. Social media is a useful way for likeminded individuals to connect and to be influential.

(WND Books, 2016, 264 pp., $26.95)